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Precautions for insulin injection

 1. Before using insulin, pay attention to observe whether there are crystals or flocs. Once found, stop using it immediately.

2. Before using the premixed insulin, shake the injection pen gently to make it evenly mixed. The specific method is: slowly roll horizontally 10 times, then upside down 10 times, mix well before using.

3. Before injection, check the injection site for scars, induration, depression, tenderness, and inflammation signs. If so, replace other sites for injection.

4. Use 75% alcohol to disinfect before injection.

5. Pay attention to exhaust before injection. Insufficient exhaust will lead to inaccurate dosage. The correct way to vent is: turn the dose adjustment knob to 2 U, stand the needle upright, flick the refill holder several times with your fingers to gather air on the upper part, press the injection button until a drop of insulin overflows from the needle, which means the piston The rod has completely contacted the refill, and the bubbles in the refill have been exhausted.

6. After the drug solution is injected, the needle stays under the skin for more than 10 seconds before removing the needle to ensure that the insulin is completely injected into the body. If the needle is removed too early, it may cause insulin to flow out. In the case of a larger injection dose, the residence time can be extended to more than 15 seconds.

7. There will be obvious changes after repeated use of the needle. Repeated use will cause injection pain and may break. In addition, insulin crystals will remain in the used needles, which can block the needles, affect the effectiveness of use, and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to use a new needle for each injection.


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