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What are the advantages and disadvantages of insulin for lowering blood sugar?

 Advantages: rapid, powerful, and the most powerful hypoglycemic drug. There are few adverse reactions, especially human recombinant insulin is now used. Effective for patients with type I diabetes.

Disadvantages: Need to be injected and blood sugar needs to be closely monitored. Although there are few adverse reactions, they can cause hypoglycemic shock and even death. Some people may be allergic to some components in insulin preparations.

Unlike many ordinary people imagine, using insulin in the early stages of diabetes helps protect the remaining islet function.

The treatment of diabetes is mainly to prevent and reduce the occurrence of complications, and in order to achieve this goal, all treatment methods are centered around controlling blood sugar at a normal level. As the core means of controlling blood sugar in the human body under physiological conditions, insulin, its hypoglycemic effect and human body compatibility is unmatched. What is really worth worrying about is hypoglycemia caused by excessive insulin. Therefore, patients who use insulin, especially insulin pumps, should carry some sugar with them at all times, preferably glucose to avoid hypoglycemic shock. And ordinary patients don't need to worry about being "addicted" to insulin.

Insulin is a protein, so it cannot be taken orally but can only be injected. Once international giants tried to develop sprays to replace injections, but they seemed to have failed. For patients with type I diabetes and other absolute insulin deficiency, do not stop using insulin at will, otherwise it will cause life-threatening acute complications such as ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar coma


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