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GLP-1 pen

  • 3ML Disposable insulin pen
  • 3ML Disposable insulin pen

3ML Disposable insulin pen

  • Product Name : Disposable injection pen

    Model No : WH-DA1

    Application : Insulin / Liraglutide injection pen

    Place of production : Changzhou, Jiangsu

    Material : Plastic

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Product Features
 Spring driven delivery for an effortless and comfortable injection process
 Intuitive and proven twist motion dose dialling and push-button activation for maximum patient acceptance
 Bayonet connection and sliding for quick cartridge change
 For insulin, HGH and other multi-dose therapies
 High quality look & feel

Product Features
 Repeated use
 Dose adjustment is convenient, adjustable range 0~60 IU (0~0.6mL)
 Minimum Single dose 1 IU (0.01mL);
 Injection of high precision, the error is less than 5%;
 Compitable 3 ml cartridge.

Product Features
 Actuator own patented technology, injection feel comfortable;
 Dose setting and dose calibration process apparent aurally tactile feedback to achieve the best user experience;
 Five years guarantee

CE approval & ISO 13485 certificate

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