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Pen-injector/injection pen: opening a new era of insulin injection

       Pen-type syringe/injection pen is a product that combines an injection preparation with a syringe, because of its accurate dose setting, simple operation, convenient portability, suitable for home use, and avoids accidental smashing when using a glass syringe for injection Syringe danger and other characteristics, and widely used in insulin therapy for diabetic patients, growth hormone therapy for patients with short stature. As protein and peptide drugs gain more and more attention, pen-type syringes have more and more extensive application prospects and are more widely used.

The concept of pen-type syringe was born at the end of the 20th century. It is named for its pen-like appearance. It is mainly used for the injection of insulin, also known as insulin pen or injection pen. The injection pen is usually composed of a pen cap, a refill, a pen body and an injection needle, which is safer, more convenient and more accurate in dose control than traditional glass syringes.

Injection pens are divided into multiple-use pen-type syringes and one-time pen-type syringes (that is, pre-filled injection pens) according to whether the refill can be replaced. The difference between the two is that the former can be used for a long time (as long as the "pen refill" of the injection solution can be changed frequently); the latter can only be discarded after use, which is a disposable product.

At present, the international injection pen preparation market is mainly divided by three Western companies, namely Danish Novo Nordisk, French Sanofi and Eli Lilly. The above three companies are also global TOP3 insulin series products suppliers, occupying the world About 70% of the insulin market. Among them, as the world's largest Novo Nordisk company annually produces and sells about 700-800 million insulin pens.

Insulin's hot market has spawned four foreign pen syringe suppliers.

1. Ypsomed Switzerland

2. BD United States

3. Haselmeier Switzerland

4. Owen Mumford United Kingdom

Because the injection pen is extremely convenient to use, it has made considerable progress in some countries, especially in the field of insulin preparations. According to the latest reports from foreign medical information media, about 80% of diabetics in Europe currently use insulin pens to control blood sugar, and about 75% of diabetics in Japan use insulin pens.

As far as the domestic situation is concerned, the patient awareness rate and treatment rate are still relatively low in many diseases, and there is huge room for improvement. At the same time, aging and changes in the disease spectrum are constantly increasing the number of patient groups. The above reasons determine that there is still huge room for tapping potential in the specialty medicine market in my country.

   Take diabetes as an example. According to data, about 2 million people between the ages of 20 and 79 died of diabetes in 2017. Due to the need for lifelong medication, diabetes is also one of the largest areas of medication. According to data, there are about 114 million diabetic patients in my country, with a prevalence rate of 11.6%, ranking first in the world. The latest and latest cross-sectional survey of Chinese diabetes shows that as of 2013, the awareness rate and treatment rate of Chinese diabetic patients were only 1/3, while the control rate was less than 50%, which was still at a relatively low level.

According to the latest survey by the International Diabetes Organization, the global diabetes market has continued to grow steadily. In 2017, the global diabetes drug market reached 77.5 billion US dollars. It is expected that the global diabetes market will exceed 124 billion US dollars in 2020. Among them, the scale of China's diabetes market has developed rapidly in recent years, with a compound growth rate of 11%. In 2017, the market scale exceeded 40 billion yuan, and it is expected to be close to 65 billion yuan in 2020.

  As can be seen from the data on the amount of medication used, Chinese patients with diabetes rank first in the world, but the market size accounts for only 9% of the world market. This is obviously related to the awareness rate and low treatment rate of Chinese diabetic patients. According to estimates, if China's diabetes awareness rate can reach the level of 60% in developed countries, and 60% of patients receive treatment, the potential drug market can reach 100 billion, and there is still more than double the market room for improvement.

The time for injection pens to enter China is relatively short, but with the development of the huge Chinese insulin market, injection pens have been gradually adopted by Chinese insulin and growth hormone pharmaceutical companies, and patients with diabetes and short stature have also gradually received good education on the use of injection pens. Correspondingly, the Chinese injection pen market has also made great progress, and local injection pen manufacturers have gradually emerged in the domestic and international markets. The leading domestic suppliers of injection pens are:

Gangan Technology (a subsidiary of Ganli Pharmaceutical) Beijing, China

Jiangsu Wanhai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

In the future, with the rapid development and promotion of technology in different places, it is believed that international and domestic medical device manufacturers will develop more injection pens that are convenient for patients. Their total market sales are expected to reach tens of billions of dollars, especially in China. The world's largest diabetes market. Since the introduction of insulin pens from Europe 20 years ago, the sales volume of domestic injection pens has increased year by year, and the market occupancy rate has continued to rise. The existing injection pen market is bound to face a new round of reshuffle. It is believed that like other brands, domestic injection pen brands rely on China's market and policy advantages to come first and become the top international brands.


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