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How to treat patients with insulin pen

Multiple daily injections (MDI)

In the case of this treatment, insulin is injected at least four times a day with insulin pen. Two types of insulin are used here:


Long-acting insulin (basal insulin or delayed action insulin) is injected once or twice a day to meet the basic requirements of the body.

Inject short-acting insulin (bolus insulin) during each meal to correct for elevated blood glucose levels.

The insulin pen looks like a large ballpoint pen and contains an insulin box and a dosing device. Two different pens are used for basic and bolus insulin.


Insulin is injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue under the skin of the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. The stylus used is extremely narrow, which means that the insertion is almost inconspicuous. Replace the pen needle after each injection.


Multiple daily injections (MDI) is the standard treatment for most patients with type 1 diabetes. But it does have its limitations:


When waking up in the morning, the blood sugar level may be too high ("dawn phenomenon"). This is due to changes in insulin demand at night, which cannot be fully covered by delayed-action insulin.

Delayed action insulin provides limited flexibility. If your insulin needs change suddenly, for example during exercise or stress, your body cannot respond quickly to these changes.

Because your insulin needs are constantly fluctuating, it is difficult to manage irregular daily life and will delay the transfer of insulin.

In the case of children and adolescents and pregnant women, MDI usually cannot provide adequate control of blood glucose levels due to hormone fluctuations.

In these cases, an insulin pump is a good choice.


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