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What are the advantages of insulin pen?

What are the advantages of insulin pen? Insulin pen is a more convenient way of insulin injection. Using insulin pen can save the cost of plastic syringe, which is more cost-effective in the long run. Those who need insulin injection can try it. So, what are the advantages of insulin pen? Take a look at the introduction below.


1. Convenient, eliminating the cumbersome process of using a syringe to draw insulin from an insulin vial. Patients do not need to bring a lot of items such as syringes, insulin bottles, and disinfectant cotton pads when they go out, but only need to bring a small "pen".


2. The insulin injection process is simpler and concealed, which avoids the embarrassment of patients injecting insulin in public. Some people even use one hand to complete the insulin injection under the table, but the people at the table are unaware.


3. Inject insulin for patients with poor vision or even blindness. Poor eyesight, we know that it is impossible to use a syringe to draw insulin and inject it. Because the operation of the insulin pen is simple, and there is a clear "click" sound when setting the dose, even if the eyesight is poor, the insulin pen can be used for injection after training.


4. The insulin dosage is more precise, and the insulin dosage can be adjusted in 1 unit. The syringe is generally accurate to a minimum of 2 units.


5. It is basically painless. The needle is thinner than the needle of a special insulin syringe. Some patients think that there is basically no pain after use.

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