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About WH

          Wanhai Medical Device Co., LTD is a company specialized in developing high-quality Chinese insulin pens and Indian insulin pens.Main production of China insulin pen, India insulin pen,India disposable insulin pen, India reusable insulin pen, China growth hormone pen, India Lylarutide pen, China insulin glargine pen,India GLP-1 pen, india pen syringe...

           Wanhai is located at No. 128 Qingyang South Road, Hutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The workshop area is 3600 square meters. Since its establishment, it has committed itself to the self-administration device industry, striving to reduce the suffering of patients and help the growth of biomedicine. Wanhai Medical provides the design, development, and manufacture of reliable self-administration devices, such as pen-type syringes and automatic injection devices, for well-known pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

           Wanhai Medical always puts patients first and provides comprehensive self-administration devices in the industry, including ready-made innovative systems, customized design and development. Our vision is to become the most patient-centric drug delivery device company .
           We value intellectual property worldwide and ensure that there is no intellectual property conflict with competing products. We attach more importance to global regulations, and have passed TUV's iso13485 and CE. We are also applying for CFDA, FDA, and dozens of third-party experimental reports.
           Listening to needs and surpassing expectations, the Wanhai team is not afraid of the challenging spirit of innovation, and has repeatedly made great achievements for us. At the same time as the company's scale continues to expand, we must also adhere to quality. As a supplier of self-administration devices, we will continue to thrive and meet new challenges in order to reach the peak of success.
 Wanhai Medical Product Catalog

3ml reusable injection pen

 Mainly used for insulin, GLP-1 thyroxine, various peptide drugs, etc.

3ml disposable Injection Pen

It is mainly used for insulin and polypeptide drugs.

4ml disposable Injection pen for dual chamber cartridge

Can be used for low-precision quantitative powder injection

4ml high-precision reusable injection pen

Can be used for high-precision powder quantitative injection

1.5ml disposable injection pen

Can be used for 1.5ml cartridge filled with liquid form medicine

Auto Injector

Can be used with 1ml, 2ml pre-filled syringes, mainly for epinephrin


About WH


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